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In Progress

In Progress

This wiki is unfinished.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's your site all about?

(Enlighten us.)

How can I contribute?

So glad you asked. This community depends on each person sharing his or her bits of wisdom with everyone else. Here are some great ways to share what you know, generate some solutions, and compile a repository of useful information:

Ask a question

You can either go straight to the Ask page if your question can't wait, or to the Answers page if you want to have a look around first. On the Answers page, you'll also be able to navigate through all questions already submitted (we're hungry for your solutions too!), as well as click the link to 'Ask a question.' Some tips to keep in mind when asking a question.

Create a guide

Teach someone else how to do something! Go directly to the guide start page to get going on a guide. You can also go to Contribute to find a link to 'Create a new guide,' or to see what guides need improvement.

Start a wiki

Go to the wiki start page if you want to create a category or any other kind of wiki page. Wikis are fantastically versatile: start a troubleshooting page or create a repository of info on whatever you want. Include images and links; be creative!

How can I make changes?

It's easy to improve a guide, answer, or wiki page. Just click the 'Edit' button on the top right of a page, and you'll be able to edit the contents of a page. Once you've made the changes, save them and your changes will be reflected immediately. (Note: some editing requires a certain amount of reputation.)

How do I add images?

To add an image to a page, click edit. You'll see a tab at the bottom of the screen that says 'Images.' When you click that tab, your image shelf will pop up with an icon that says 'Upload.' Uploading images is splendidly easy. Once you click the 'Upload' button, you can either drag images directly from your desktop, or select 'Browse' to find the image file on your computer.

Once you've uploaded an image, it will appear on your image shelf. From your image shelf, you can drag images right into the body of a wiki or a guide step.

How do I view a guide on my iPhone?

Visit the iTunes store to download the Dozuki app. You can find any guides on our site using this app.

What's a good question?

Just like that—that's a great question. There are three things that will help you ask a great question:

1. Do your homework

Before posting a new question, you should make sure no one's already asked your question. Who knows—someone may have already answered your riddle! The easiest way to find out is by using the search box on the top left of the page.

2. Make it relevant to others

If your question is so specific that it only applies to your particular situation, you can bet that folks won't be as interested in helping you out. Make your question relevant to others and they'll be much more willing to try to solve it for you.

3. Be specific

Vague questions don't spawn helpful answers, or even answers at all! Questions that generate a lot of interest are specific. Try to avoid using general descriptors, like "stuff" and "things." If people know exactly what you're talking about, you can expect more helpful feedback.

What questions are allowed here?

ON-TOPIC questions! An on-topic question is:

  • answerable
  • specific
  • relevant

For example:

  • "Can I replace the battery in my iPhone 3GS?"

What sort of questions are not allowed here?

OFF-TOPIC questions! (boo! hiss!) An off-topic question is:

  • vague
  • subjective
  • irrelevant

For example:

  • "A seagull walked on my iPhone 3GS; don't you think seagulls should have a third eye?"

What's the deal with reputation?

Reputation is an optional way to represent the community's trust in you. You gain reputation by asking great questions and posting insightful answers.

You earn points every time someone votes up one of your questions or answers. If someone says that your answer solved their problem, you get 30 points.

You can always ask a question or post an answer. As your reputation increases, the system trusts you more.

Higher reputation affords you more privileges in moderating the site content. So, for instance, if you have 500 reputation, you can edit a post. If you have 20,000 reputation, you can delete a question or answer. See About Answers for a list of privileges you can earn.

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